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What is Green Glory System and Its Benefits

Green Glory Welfare Foundation a Non Profit Organization from Mumbai created a system which works purely on donation basis (Crowd funding) to help the needy and poor people to come out of their poverty.
It’s 100% Real! – People are getting thousands of donation income daily from Kashmir to Kanyakumari since 2017 through money order (Indian Post Office) – for income proof Call/WhatsApp me at 9942454500

This is donor to donor helping system – We grow by helping others grow..

How to Join this System & How it Works?

(There are couple of donation plan available to join this system Rs.3,200 & Rs.1,600 plan but the most successful plan which brings more new donors in the system is Rs.1,600 plan.)

  1. Register your self online and get donation form from GG member(person who already joined this system) & take color printout.
  2. Donate Rs.200 to Green Glory Welfare Foundation online (You get 80G benefits for this donation)
  3. Donate Rs.1500 once through Money Order to donors mentioned in the donation form and get acknowledgement from post office.
  4. Stick the Money Order acknowledgement receipt on donation form, take a photocopy and send to GG member who gave you this opportunity & wait for 3 to 8 hours for verification of donation to get your donor ID active.
  5. Once your ID get activated, you get initially 4 donation forms available for you to download.
  6. Invite 4 interested people to join this system to donate (same as you did above)
  7. On completing the 4th form you will receive Rs.1500 donation income through post office from new donors.
  8. Now the donors you invited will do the same work you did and you will get regular donation income up to 10th level.

How much income we can get from this system?

Please see below table for income details till 10th level (note: we will be out of the system from 11th level and will not get any income from there)


Income on success ratio

50% of Success then donation income will be ₹8,73,81,750

25% of Success then donation income will be ₹4,36,90,875

10% of Success then donation income will be ₹1,74,76,350

5% of Success then donation income will be ₹87,38,175

1% of Success then donation income will be ₹17,47,635

Who can join this system?

People suffering from any financial issues can join – To come out of debt, to start any business, to pay education fees, to financially support their family, to pay any EMI etc.

To Join this system contact – 9942454500




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