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Stay Aware Of The Latest Covid19 Outbreak Information

The scientist from 32 countries drafted that novel coronavirus present in small particles zoom in air can infect the people. Hence, they have also reported to World Health Organization to revise the guidelines. In the meanwhile the researchers also plan to publish a journal in coming week, where 239 scientist from different countries going to state and put forwarding the proof as the coronavirus is airborne disease.  The large droplets present in the air transmit the infected particles from one place to other and the normal person who comes in contact with the air, inhales the infected particles and can get Covid – 19. 
The World Health Organization initially said that the coronavirus spread from person to person when he or she with Covid – 19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. World Health Organization did not respond to the request made by the Scientist without the scientific evidence. Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, the WHO’s technical lead of infection , prevention and control quoted that there is no solid or clear evidence that the Virus spread by inhaling the infected particles from air. Lets wait and watch that whether World Health Organization is revising their guidelines after getting convinced by the outline of 239 scientist from upcoming journal. 
The major takeaway from the article is 
  1. One should wear mask compulsory before going out. 
  2. Be safe during Monsoon season because monsoon season will produce many tiny droplets with infected particles to transmit from one place to other. Simply, one can avoid going out. 
  3. Everyone should maintain personal hygiene. So, not to get expose to coronavirus. 
  4. Watch or read the latest updates on corona virus for complete care.


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