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Mumbai Man Beaten to Death: Accused Arrested Within Hours

In a shocking incident that has left the city of Mumbai in disbelief, a man was beaten to death by another person on Wednesday night. The victim, identified as Niranjan Yadav, was walking past Pappu Kirana Stores at Farver Line Chowk of Camp 3 when he collided with Ajay alias Ajju Chauhan. What followed was an argument that quickly escalated into a scuffle, and Ajay allegedly beat Niranjan with a bamboo stick, causing him to lose consciousness on the spot.

The Aftermath: Shockwaves Across the City

The police were immediately informed, and they rushed Niranjan to Central Hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. The incident sent shockwaves across the city, and people were left wondering how such brutality could occur on the streets of Mumbai.

The Arrest: A Swift Operation by the Police

The police sprang into action and Senior Police Inspector Madhukar Kad formed a team to investigate the matter. The team, led by API Ishwar Kokare, Constable Amol Patil, Deepak Patil, Amol Dhamale, and Babasaheb Dhakne, immediately began gathering CCTV footage of the incident spot and launched a hunt for the attacker.

Within just a few hours, the police were able to apprehend the accused, Ajay alias Ajju Chauhan. “

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