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JANTA DARBAR held in Sion Koliwada

JANTA DARBAR was held in Muthumariamman temple hall by Sion Koliwada BJP MLA CAPTAIN TAMILSELVAN and thereby heard all the problems of the people and promised them to solve all their issues.
Sion Koliwada, Kokri Sagar in Jai Maharashtra Nagar 1,800 families residing in the slums go through many day to day problems such as problems relates to drinking water, drainage, toilet, issues related to daily robbery by thieves, scenes created due to alcoholics etc and the most important problem is that since 15 years some people living there are assuring the 1800 families that with the help of some builder that a building will be built for them with the help of SRA project and with this, these people are being fooled by such people since 15 years.


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