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Will Mumbai be a Shanghai City?

The dream of making Mumbai the next Shanghai city was born several years ago. Back in 2003 this actually came into existence when a report titled “Vision Mumbai: Transforming Mumbai into A World-Class City” caught the imagination of some of the politicians.

The above mentioned report however never materialized due to certain discrepancies that it had. One of the major discrepancies was that it lacked spatial imagination. That is it lacked proper planning.

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Implementing something like this requires more than just a vision. It requires proper planning. Thus it is something that needs to be taken into consideration. Every city is different and so are the plans that need to be made for it.

The next report that came into picture was titled “Vision Mumbai”. It was also known as the ‘blueprint for the future’. This report took into consideration the peculiarities of the city in the lines of turning it into Shanghai.

As Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, having plans to turn it into a world class city is very obvious. However what initially needs to be taken into consideration is that unlike cities like Delhi and Chandigarh, Mumbai is not a planned city. Its existence is attributed to the merging of various villages.

Proper planning would thus be the first step towards turning Mumbai into Shanghai. Along with proper planning other factor also need to be taken into consideration. Mumbai has a diverse set of people living in it. These things also need to be made a part of the planning. Just laying the focus on the infrastructural development would not be the right thing to do. 

Having a vision and implementing it in a proper way are two different things. The only thing that we as citizens of Mumbai can hope is that whatever plan that would be implemented would be the best one in every way for the all round development of the city.

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