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Naam Tamilar Follower Benedict Anto Accused of Sexual Misconduct in Viral Video

The scandalous videos of Benedict Anto, a Syro Malankara Catholic Church priest from Kanyakumari district, have recently gone viral on social media. Anto is now on the run, accused of being a sexual predator, who has allegedly harassed and sexually exploited women attending his congregation. The videos show him in compromising situations with minors and even married women. The controversy erupted after a group of men attacked him, stole his laptop, and leaked the videos.

Anto’s accusers claim that he would send obscene messages, kiss and touch women inappropriately, and threaten to release their intimate videos if they spoke out. Reports suggest that he even filed false cases against those who confronted him. The scandal has gained national attention, with Tamil media reporting that Anto allegedly trapped females of all ages, including minors.

Naam Tamilar Follower Benedict Anto From Kanyakumari

It is noteworthy that Anto is a follower and a fan of the Naam Tamilar Political Party in Tamilnadu, which advocates for Tamil nationalism and supports the cause of the Sri Lankan Tamil people. According to his Facebook profile, he completed his Philosophical Studies at St. Mary’s Seminary TVM, an MBA at Annamalai University, and a BA in Philosophy from Kerala University.

The question now arises, who is Benedict Anto? He is a Catholic Church priest but one with a scandalous past that has resulted in his being accused of sexual exploitation, harassment, and blackmail. The controversy surrounding Anto’s leaked videos has created a massive uproar, with social media being abuzz with discussions about the issue.

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