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In Search of Lost Time

‘In Search Of Lost Time’ is something we can all relate ourselves to. This is because at some point in our lives we do tend to get in search of our lost time. 

In search of lost time in other words can be considered as remembering things of the past. Past is something that always remains a part of our life. No matter whatever we do, we cannot change it. Whether good or bad a person needs to accept it.

But the way it is with human nature, a person always tends to search the time that has been lost. He always thinks that his present would have been way different if he could get an opportunity to change his past.

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Time is one of the most crucial things in our lives. It thus becomes very essential to utilize it in a fruitful way. Though past cannot be changed, it always plays the role of a good teacher. A person must learn from the things he has done in the past. This gives him a chance to make his present, which would then become his past, better.

Going in search of lost time is in a way good as it helps a person realize things that he should not have done. It also helps him analyze what can be done to make things better. It helps create a realization of things in a person. Realization is one of the first steps towards improvement.

We all are pretty much aware of the very famous proverb; ‘Time and Tide waits for no man’. Thus instead of waiting for going over in search of lost time, it is much
more important to utilize the present time in an efficient way.

The only way to get back lost time is by ensuring that you do not repeat mistakes done in the past. Thus one would not have to get in search of lost time in the future.



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