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Does dowry still exist among Tamil People?

Dowry system is one of the social evils which spread everywhere. Most peoples are unaware that it is illegal. It is necessary to create awareness in the families, communities, and society about it social evil. It could be the cause of someone’s death or vanish. There are many states which facing such problem and Tamilnadu is one from them. Some communities and people encourage the dowry system.
This system is mostly implemented by the Gounder, Nadars, Chettiars vanniar, mudhaliar, etc community in Tamilnadu. They usually demand sovereigns’ gold and rest in cash. If the family is not able to meet the demand of huge amount of gold then they give some part of the dowry in gold and deposit the amount of cash in the bank account which will use to buy the gold when gold prices fall.


Madurai based Chandra Krishna, says that cash and property are also main components of dowry system. Demand start from 100 Sovereigns of gold and if the family cannot pay they demanding for property and cash. It is increasing day by day and should be stopped.” Says Chandra.

Some people give dowry for showoff their standard. Some are giving dowry for the wellness of their daughter. Some think that if they do not follow the dowry system their daughter could be torture by in-laws. Some want to buy well settled boy for their daughter so they freely give dowry.

Some people think that dowry is good to take and give but some think the opposite. There are two sides of a coin, every parent wants to give their daughter luxurious life even after marriage so they help them to establish strong financial condition. Some parents want to buy a good and wealthy boy for their uneducated and unable girl so they use dowry system to greedy in-laws. These reasons increase the dowry system. This is okay for girls of rich family but not good for of the middle class and poor daily wage worker family.

This evil system will cause the post-marital dispute between bride and groom family. When the decided amount of dowry is not paid or partly paid, sometime it become so horrible result. The groom family begins to torture the bride, for no fault of her, she is verbally and physically abused by in-laws and violently beaten by her husband. In some rare cases in laws give them unbelievable death put to flame using petrol or kerosene.

The dowry system still exists in Tamilnadu but it is reduced day by day, because of education and awareness of girls. In some community in Tamilnadu, it shows the good impact on the condition of women compares then olden days. Every educated boys and girl should discourage the dowry system and also aware the parents about it and warn about the negative result. At any cost, this evil should be wipe out from our society. It is good that Tamil Nadu is the first state in which government set up “all women police stations” to deal with crime against women but these laws should be strictly followed.

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